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Odle Construction Company

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I come from a family of house movers. I am the fourth generation in the Odle family to move buildings.

I took over my fathers business in 1978.  I have moved many types of structure including solid wall masonry homes and brick exterior wood frame homes, as well as homes built on a concrete slab.

Raymond Odle

Fully Insured Specifically for House Moving and Raising

We are fully insured with the correct liability house moving insurance policies.

  • One policy covers work on your "real" property up to the point the house is lifted.
  • Once the house is lifted off of the foundation, it (the house) becomes "personal" property. The liability responsibility is then covered by the second policy, the house moving truck liability insurance. 
  • Specifically insured for excavating under a building that is not on a foundation
  • Having the correct insurance policies protects YOU.